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HOW TO... get thicker hair

If you haven't already, read "why am I loosing so much hair?" blog to identify why you are loosing hair. Prevention is better than cure so once you have identified WHY you are loosing hair you can take the steps to resolve it and prevent it. 


How to care for your hair...


Silk products

Cotton pillowcases can cause friction between your hair and pillow causing premature hair fall, this goes for your lashes and brows too! Suitable for anyone a silk pillow case prevents hair breakage for those with super fine, weak, and lightened/bleached hair as well as premature lash fall for eyelash extension wearers. I highly recommend silk pillow cases to those after chemotherapy when the hair is often very weak and fragile therefore prone to breakage. Luxury Lashes and Locks stocks silk pillow cases, silk hair ties and silk sleep masks.


Healthy hair

Your hair will grow as long as possible when it is as healthy as possible. A healthy scalp and hair is key to the hair being able to grow. If your hair is lightened and/or you use heat from your tools your hair need the moisture and protein replaced with good haircare products. If your getting breakage your hair needs repair, you can do this through your daily haircare products to strengthen it. 


Scalp stimulation

Stimulating blood flow to the scalp is a proven method to a healthy scalp and hair follicles thus better hair growth. Massaging your scalp for a few minutes a day can increase the growth of the hair below the surface of the scalp. You can do this with peppermint menthol products on the scalp and massage with our head massage brush here: scalp massage brush


Anti - breakage products

Tying your hair up tight can cause breakage at the nape of the neck and hairline around the face if your not careful. The elastic hair tie creates so much tension it snaps the hair off where it is tied so choose wisely. I recommend either a coil plastic hair tie or a silk one to prevent any breakage from happening. Shop anti - breakage hair ties here: hair ties


Volume hair products

Volume sprays are THE easiest way of styling your hair for more volume! Simply spray into the roots and mid-lengths and ends of your wet hair and blast dry with the hairdryer! That's it! Literally fuller hair straight away! If your want to take it a step further, pop some velcro rollers in once it s dry on a 90 degree angle, heat them up with the hair dryer to activate and pull them out once cold. Extra volume that doesn't involve an hour tangled up blow dry that gets you hot and bothered! Shop velcro rollers here: Rollers


You can purchase hair growth products for hair, lashes and brows here: