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HOW TO make lash extensions last longer

Good news! You can continue to use your fave skin care and makeup while you get your awesome eyelash extensions. They key is not to directly apply it to your eyelid or lashes.

There’s so much confusing information out there in regards to what to use to cleanse your lashes.
Do I use just water?
Do I not wash them at all?
Do I use that leftover Tequila from last night?
Do I use baby shampoo?
It can be tempting to choose the cheaper, quick option. But in the long run, it’s certainly not going to be good for your lashes.
Baby shampoo has ingredients that break down the glue bonds and with continual use, causes the lashes to fall out much more quickly.
Washing your lashes with just water will not remove dead skin, oils & makeup.
And that left over tequila will probably be quite uncomfortable... So by using Locks Lash Lash Extension Cleanser morning and night, this will keep your lashes fresh and long lasting!

It’s hard to control what we do in our sleep, especially if it involves Channing Tatum and unicorns...
To avoid your lashes getting tugged and pulled from your cotton pillow case, using a Lash Sleep Mask or Silk Pillowcase will allow your lashes to simply glide across the pillow and wake up like they were never touched. Extra benefits include sleeping like a complete queen and blocking out light which minimizes sleep disruption which helps you get a healthy, full night's sleep. So your body, mind and lashes will thank you for it.


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Locks Lash Lash Extension Cleanser

Silk Pillowcase

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