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How to stop shedding!...eyelash shedding cycles!


That there are seasons of the year which the human body will shed more hair (including lashes) which is during Spring & Autumn (Spring in Southern Hemisphere - Sept, Oct & Nov and Autumn is March, April & May), this is called ‘Seasonal Moulting’. So keep this in mind if you find you lose more lashes and/or hair in one season than the other.

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The average human has between 150-200 upper lid eyelashes and between 70-100 lower lid lashes.
These lashes will replace themselves over a 60-90 day cycle time period. So when one lash falls out, another is waiting to take its place.
Depending on the lash cycle, it is generally estimated that the average human will lose between 1-7 natural lashes per day. So it is normal for you to lose 1-7 extensions per day too.

Heres a good place to start;

Shop “lash growth” and “lash cleanser”

PRO TIPS: Cleansing your lashes if you wear lash extensions is vital for a long lasting set as it removes the oils and dirt that make the fall off quicker. 
If you think your shedding more than the normal shedding cycle ask your doctor if you have an iron deficiency.