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HOW your curtain bangs

If your wondering how everyone on Instagram has a beautiful full, flicky and bouncy curtain fringe and yours just looks like two little short bits of hair either side of your face then you’ll love this quick how to...

What you’ll need:

hairdryer, round brush, velcro rollers.


1) After washing your hair section out your curtain bangs pulling it forward over your face, clipping back the rest of your hair behind your ears. The key is to not let it part. Until the very end when your done.

2) Blast dry the fringe forward to take out around 70% of the water

3) Now with your round brush underneath the fringe start blow drying forward and down over your face from root to tip.

4) Once it’s dry, allow it to part where it naturally falls and brush back of the face. Optional to now blow dry each piece back off the face.

Optional: after step 3 you may wish to roll a velcro roller in there, leave it in while you get ready/have a wine and pull it out when your ready to go. Spray a little hairspray for extra hold.

Ta da! Beautiful bouncy bangs!