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HOW TO... Wash your hair

HOW TO…. Wash your hair!


That’s right, there is an actual way of washing your hair correctly! Being a hairdresser for over 15 years I have needed to educate so many of my clients on how to wash their hair!


Q.How often should I wash my hair?

A. There is no exact amount as every person has different hair types and life styles but the rough guide line would be 2-3 times a week. Generally the less dense the hair is the more oily it will get as the finer the hair is the more it will absorb the natural oils at the scalp therefore requiring more frequent washing.


Q.What shampoo should I use?

A.Think of loosely choosing the shampoo to mostly benefit your scalp/root and choosing the conditioner to benefit your hair.

e.g. if you have fine hair wanting body at the root and have split ends needing repair on the mid lengths and ends, I would recommend a volumizing shampoo and repairing conditioner.


Step 1

Soak your hair fully, apply a small amount of your shampoo to the top, both sides and nape of the neck. Lather by scrubbing your scalp with your fingers then rinse.


Step 2

Shampoo AGAIN! That’s right, shampoo a second time with the same technique. The first wash only lifts the dirt and oil where as the second one will actually clean – (you will notice this one will lather much more than the first!) Rinse and repeat also shampooing the mid lengths and ends of the hair. Rinse.


Step 3

If the have super thick hair or its really oily don’t be afraid to shampoo again. Once you have actually washed your hair well if will last you longer inbetween washes moving forward.


Step 4

Condition the mid lengths and ends. Conditoner is to soften, detangle and hydrate the hair and therefore doesn’t need to be applied near the roots, it will only make the hair greasy. Rinse.


TIP: Take advise from the professionals on what shampoo and conditioner suits your hair. Salon professional products are always better than supermarket/pharmacy products. They may be not as cheap but it’s because they are way more concentrated so you need a much smaller amount which therefore lasts you much longer (ends up costing the same but you get to use a much better quality product without the nasties.) You will be amazed at how much of a difference it can make you just have to try it for yourself!


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Have a good hair day!


Rachel x