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A. Lash extensions do not like moisture and need to be kept clean. Most of us have eyelash mites in our eye area which are how our ecosystem works to help keep the area clean. However if you are not keeping your lashes clean by removing the dead skin cells and oil that they feed off you can get demodicosis which is an over growth of eyelash mites which causes the area to become infected and is NOT part of the natural process. You should be given a lash wand at your lash appointment to be able to brush them daily to help keep them clean and sit them back into place after sleeping and showering and they must be cleansed with a lash extensions safe cleanser to remove any dirt and oil. Avoiding humid conditions like a steamy shower/sauna and using oil based skin products will make a huge difference as oils break down the bond in the adhesive and therefore will allow you ta have your lash extensions on for as long as possible.


(Lash extension safe cleansers and protective sealants are available to purchase in "lash collection.)"