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The benefits of silk for your beauty sleep

You've heard that silk is beneficial, but what is it exactly that's SOO good about real silk for our beauty regime? Here's what you need to know...


  1. It's anti ageing. The natural protein and amino acids speeds up the metabolism of skin cells and the texture of real silk against the skin prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles and it's smooth finish is soothing for those with skin conditions like eczema.
  2. Prevents hair breakage. The friction from cotton pillowcases on weaker hair and eyelashes can cause then to snap and break off as you toss and turn especially those with bleached hair and fine hair texture. If you find short broken hair on the crown of your head or the side of the head that you predominantly sleep on this maybe from friction with the pillow you have!
  3. Longer lasting lash extensions. The friction from cotton can also make your lash extensions fall sooner during your sleep as the cotton friction rubs against your lashes. Silks smooth fibres put and end to this preventing premature lash fall. Ever noticed you mostly loose your extensions in the outer corners of the eye? This is likely why!
  4. It's hypo-allergenic. Silk's natural fibres keep away dust mites and bacteria preventing allergies. 
  5. A cooler sleep. You will wake up having had a full nights sleep with silk regulating your temperature keeping you cool inducing a deep restful sleep particularly good for those managing menopausal hot flushes.



100% silk sleep eye masks are great for lash extension wearers, those with fine eyelashes and anyone wanting to blackout sunlight to sleep.

Real silk pillowcases are perfect for those with weak hair growing back from chemotherapy and hair compromised from bleaching.