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The importance of good haircare products

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp...


Good quality hair health and beauty products are important for nailing my home haircare routine and they should be for you too if you want to get the best out of what you’ve got. There’s so many reasons why but here’s a few obvious ones…

Haircare products Australia made are my go to to support local, at Luxury Lashes and Locks we work with Aussie made, vegan and cruelty haircare where possible. Going for salon visits is one thing but maintaining the look and condition of your hair in your home care is just as important. You may not invest in hair styling products like creams and hairsprays etc but as a minimum you will be using shampoo and conditioner so make sure it’s the good stuff. 

With working in hair salons for over 16 years I have seen clients using hair products usually from supermarket or pharmacy’s that have a lot of nasty ingredients in them like silicon that build up on the hair overtime causing it to be super tangled, barbie doll plastic looking and worse, have chemical reactions to hair colour when they go to get a colour done. So few people know this about a lot of haircare products found in supermarkets and pharmacies and wonder why their hair is so hard to work with. The round up; good quality professional haircare is always best, it may cost more upfront but it is so concentrated that it will always last you longer and therefore actually cost you less in the long run!


Do you use heat on your hair?

Heat from your hairdryer and straighteners will eventually dry your hair out so you should be using haircare products to replace the moisture lost.

Is your hair lightened?

During the lightening process both moisture and protein are lost so without putting it back into the hair through your haircare products.

Prevention is better than cure so prevent your hair from drying out and breaking with products like our Revelry conditions and hair treatments.

Dry = needs moisture

Damaged = needs protein 

Rule of thumb when choosing your shampoo and conditioner is to choose your shampoo for your scalp, and choose your conditioner/treatment for your hair. If you hair is feeling limp which makes you need to wash it everyday your shampoo is most likely to heavy for your hair, try something aimed at finer hair and it will be lighter and resolve the issue.