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They really should be calling this isolation detoxification!

Well ladies aren't we realising how much we had now that its gone!...but this is also your chance to have a little detox from some of those treatments to allow your nails to nourish and your lashes to grow. No more SNS nails every 3 weeks, no more lash infills and you'd certainly be finding it hard to get booked in for your usual hair appointment! These are all first world problems that's for sure when you see what people are going through throughout the world at the moment but I'm here to show you a few little tricks of the trade to pamper yourself for a bit of self care during these tough times where a bit of self care goes a long way reminding you to look after your body and mind. I have 15 years experience in the hair/beauty industry and I have hand selected a range of the best products to help you out with your at home beauty regimes. I have some really great professional beauty secrets to touch up your regrowth, detoxing those nails and lashes with the best nourishment and growth products and the bet of the best range of must have essential products to enhance your natural beauty.