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Why am I losing so much hair?!... Hair loss explained.

First of all don't panic just yet!... Our hair is going through a growth cycle all the time so we should expect to see shedding followed by new hair growth throughout our life time as human beings. It is made up of three stages called anagen (new growth), catagen (transitioning) and telogen (shedding.) Each stage lasting different lengths of time for each person.

If your not just in a hair shedding stage of the cycle then look internally to what your body intakes and look at your scalp health and diet and lifestyle changes.

  • Are you actually loosing hair from the scalp or is it hair breakage from the ends of the hair? Short pieces of hair snapping off at the ends of the hair is because it's damaged and so weak that it breaks off instead of continuing to grow. You need to look after your hair with the correct haircare products - see blog post on how to strengthen your hair.
  • During pregnancy you the increased amount of nutrients in the body can allow to to grow a lot more hair therefore post pregnancy to can expect to shed a lot of hair from what you gained during pregnancy. You will notice short new baby hairs growing back again. 
  • Do you have any scalp issues? Build up of product, oil, dandruff and sebum may be blocking your hair follicles from being able to grow. Healthy hair starts with the scalp, diagnose any scalp concerns and use the correct products to resolve the issue. 
  • Have you had a change in your lifestyle? Stress and trauma can be a major factor to hair loss.
  • Have you had a change in your diet recently? A lack of adequate amount of iron in your diet can be a contributing factor to hair loss. 

Once you have identified the cause of hair loss you can take action to prevent it. See blog post - how to get thicker hair. Haircare and beauty products will really help you in between salon visits.

I have +16 years hair dressing experience, advise given is not from a health professional. Before making big changes to your diet always seek medical advise from your GP first.